Scala Center Visual Identity Guidelines

There are two acceptable versions of the Scala Center logo. The first one consists of:

  • the “swirl” graphic
  • the Scala Center name

The second one includes the above and also contains:

  • the mission statement: “For open source. For education.”

It is possible to use different combinations of the default color palette, depending on the use case and on background.

Default color palette

Orange#f1592a241, 89, 420, 63, 100, 5
Petrol#002b360, 43, 54100, 20, 0, 79

Logo versions

We recommend to use one of the two following versions as the first choice on a clear background (white, light grey, etc.).


On dark backgrounds, use the orange swirl and white text:

On colored backgrounds, you may use the white swirl and white text:

Swirl only

The swirl only, without the text, should only be used in its colored version:


PNG files: