ScalaCenter. For Open Source. For Education
An independent not-for-profit center established at EPFL.
Focused on:

Scala Center's Mission

  • Guide and support the Scala community
  • Coordinate and develop open source libraries and tools for the benefit of all Scala users
  • Provide deep, and quality, educational materials for Scala

Projects that we've worked on

Current priorities

  • Communicate excitement about Scala. We want more people (programmers, teachers, scientists) to know about Scala’s strengths.
  • Newcomers onboarding experience. We want newcomers to quickly get started in Scala, with no hassles.
  • Robust and seamless tooling. We want the infrastructure that supports the Scala ecosystem to be reliable while being "invisible" to the end-users.
  • Sustainability and governance. We want to make sure that the Scala infrastructure has no technical debt, and is easy to maintain. We want to help every actor of the community to contribute to Scala.

Who are we?

Darja Jovanovic
Executive Director
Julien Richard-Foy
Technical Director
Martin Odersky
Academic Director
Sébastien Doeraene
Principal Engineer
Fabien Salvi
System Administrator
Sylvie Buchard
Administrative Specialist
Jamie Thompson
Software Development
Adrien Piquerez
Software Development
Anatolii Kmetiuk
Software Development
Jędrzej Rochala
Software Development
Guillaume Martres
Software Development
Chris Kipp
Software Development
Johanna Reichen
Operations Officer & Strategy Advisor
Lucas Nouguier

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The Scala Center is backed by EPFL, a world-class research university in Lausanne, Switzerland, several industries that depend on Scala every day, and countless individual members of the Scala community.

All of our members, individual and corporate, are actively involved in the Scala ecosystem. We are a coalition of individuals and organizations working together to contribute to Scala.

Interested in joining the effort?

The best way to help is to get involved in the Scala ecosystem!

We also accept sponsorships/donations to be able to fund important project work that would otherwise not be possible.