For open source. For education.
A new not-for-profit center
established at EPFL.
Focused on:
Our Mission

  • Independently guide and support the Scala community
  • Coordinate and develop open source libraries and tools for the benefit of all Scala users
  • Provide deep, and quality, educational materials for Scala

Open Source
Let's improve Scala together.

The Scala Center seeks to:
  • Coordinate and direct the open source development of libraries/tools of broad benefit to the community.
  • Substantially grow our community of open source contributors.
  • Improve the landscape of Scala's libraries.
  • Provide scaffolding to help the community develop, publish, find, and evaluate Scala libraries.

We'll start by consulting with the user community, defining common goals, and organizing contributions and its own resources to achieve these goals.

3 out of 4 courses available!
A new Scala mini-degree offered on Coursera
Composed of:
  • 4 courses, 2 NEW courses!
  • one capstone project
    (A significant 4-5 week long final programming project.)
The courses:
  • 1. Functional Programming Principles in Scala
    Taught by: Martin Odersky
  • 2. Functional Program Design in Scala
    Taught by: Martin Odersky
  • 3. Parallel Programming
    Taught by: Viktor Kuncak, Aleksandar Prokopec
  • 4. Big Data Analysis in Scala and Spark
    Taught by: Heather Miller

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Advisory Board members:




Backer-level members:

The Scala Center is backed by EPFL, a world-class research university in Lausanne, Switzerland, several industries that depend on Scala every day, and countless individual members of the Scala community.

All of our members, individual and corporate, are actively involved in the Scala project. We are a coalition of individuals and organizations working together to contribute to Scala.

Interested in joining the effort?
The best way to help is to get involved in the Scala project!

We also accept sponsorships/donations to be able to fund important project work that would otherwise not be possible.

Who are we?
Martin Odersky
Creator of Scala
Heather Miller
Scala Team Member.
PhD at EPFL.
Jon Pretty
Longtime Scala community leader

Interested in joining us?
We're looking for motivated team members to help shape Scala's future.