Corporate Membership

Corporate members make contributions that are used to fund for-the-good-of-all initiatives for the Scala community, which includes but is not limited to: providing scaffolding to help the Scala community develop, publish, find, and evaluate Scala libraries, improving the landscape of Scala’s libraries, and coordinating and directing the development of libraries/tools of broad benefit to the community.

(For individuals, please consider a one-time donation.)

Why join?

Our main focus is to support the Scala developer community. We aim to focus on initiatives that are for the good of all.

Membership organizations have elected to join for numerous reasons in line with this vision, including:

  • A desire to give back to the Scala community.
  • Wanting to pool financial support for initiatives important to the broader Scala community, but are too significant for one organization or individual to contribute alone.
  • Desire to participate in discussions about the direction of Scala, its community, and ecosystem.
  • A desire to help the Scala Center by serving on committees or the board.

How do I become a member?

Reach out to us at to let us know what level of membership your organization is interested in, and any questions you may have. We’re happy to set up a call to work through the specifics!


Membership dues are paid annually. The Scala Center has two levels of corporate membership: Advisory Board, and Affiliate.

  • Advisory Board: organizations that are significantly invested in Scala, invited to join at the 50,000CHF level.
  • Affiliate: organizations that are moderately invested in Scala, invited to join at the 15,000CHF level.

Organizations that are unable to join at the above levels may consider making a contribution totalling 1,500CHF or more. With this contribution, you will be recognized as a Backer-level donor alongside of Advisory Board and Affiliate members on the Scala Center homepage.


Corporate members receive:

  • the opportunity to participate on the Scala Center’s Advisory Board
  • the potential to propose and vote on recommendations for Scala Center initiatives which benefit the overall Scala open source ecosystem or the Scala educational landscape
  • Scala recruitment opportunities at EPFL
  • Quarterly reports on the activities of the Scala Center
  • Your logo and link on the Scala Center homepage
  • the opportunity to participate in a yearly get-together at the EPFL campus to meet core contributors and other Advisory Board and Affiliate members


Please get in touch! Drop us a line at