Scala Center FAQ

What is the Scala Center?

The Scala Center acts as an open source foundation for Scala. It is a unit within EPFL, a world-class research university in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Like other open source foundations, its goals are to promote, support, and advance Scala. It will engage with developers in the open-source community in the effort to improve the language, its tools and its documentation. The center will also help developers learn the language through massive open online courses, seminars and other activities.

The Scala Center brings together a coalition of individuals and organizations working together to contribute to Scala. All of our members, individual and corporate, are actively involved in the Scala ecosystem.

How can I support the Scala Center?

Get involved! Whether that means developing your own open source Scala library to contribute to the overall Scala ecosystem, or by contributing code back to Scala. Anything helps.

We also accept donations.

How can my company support the Scala Center?

Again, Get involved! Allow your developers to spend some time giving back to Scala and its ecosystem.

You may also be interested in becoming a corporate sponsor/member.

Does the Scala Center control the development of Scala?

No. Scala is developed by organizations and individual contributors all over the world. Lightbend (formerly Typesafe) will continue to maintain and evolve the stable Scala distribution.

Who owns Scala’s code?

Scala is owned by EPFL. Contributors to Scala own their own contributions and allow us to distribute that code under Scala’s Apache 2.0 License by signing our Contributors License Agreement (CLA).

Have more questions?

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